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Safeguarding Your Privacy with a Los Angeles Private Investigator

The technology age is helpful in many ways because it allows us to be in contact with and gather information about people that would otherwise be difficult to access. But what happens when that technology helps someone else gain access to your personal records, leaving you feeling vulnerable, threatened and unsafe? In the field of private investigations, the same skills that help us monitor individuals can be used to protect you from unwanted surveillance. These are known as surveillance countermeasures. Whether you are an influential business executive, a well-known celebrity or an average person attempting to live a normal life, you deserve to have your privacy respected and protected. Talk to a Los Angeles private investigator about your situation.

One of our priorities at Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. is to safeguard the privacy of our clients; this often includes engaging in surveillance countermeasures. While we frequently serve our clients by engaging in various types of covert surveillance of another person, there are other times when our client is concerned about being watched or bugged, in which case we know what to do. Our extensive experience in intelligence gathering gives us an edge in being able to find equipment such as wiretaps, spy cams, tracking devices and other types of clandestine surveillance devices. If you are concerned about having your classified or private information intercepted by a business competitor or other person, we can help you put your worries to rest.

About Our Technical Security Services

Many of our clients who are concerned about safeguarding proprietary information choose to take advantage of our Risk Management Analysis Survey. This service involves conducting an extensive physical examination of a facility and its operation, with a focus on the personnel and company assets. We examine for network intrusions, physical security assessments, physical security surveys email harassment and cyberstalking. By testing and infiltrating the network environment, we are able to gather the necessary information to make a thorough risk assessment and study of the vulnerability of our client's facility and information systems. At the conclusion of the process, we will provide you with suggestions as to appropriate control measures that are commensurate with the risks to which your organization is currently exposed.

The goal is to help you identify and resolve any weaknesses in your security so that you can take action to safeguard yourself against future breaches, as well as spotting and removing any existing compromise of your security network. We offer consultations to corporations as well as physical security assessments of homes, buildings, properties, and business environments. These services are available for individuals and businesses and may also be used as an element of celebrity / executive protection strategies.

Contact Us Now to Get Started

Don't think that because you are suspicious or anxious means you are paranoid. It may be that your suspicions are unfounded, however corporate espionage and other forms of industrial eavesdropping do occur, and there are actions you can take to handle the situation. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you detect and handle existing threats, as well as our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures for preventing future security compromises. Speak with a Los Angeles private investigator today!

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