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Social Media investigations are a rapidly growing field and SBI has been on top of it for over 10 years. Our investigators and research analysts possess the skills and expertise with more knowledge than just a basic understanding of Twitter or Facebook.

Social media continues to have a wide influence on our culture today. We can see it being implemented into many aspects of our daily lives, so it would make sense that it would also have an important role in the investigation process.

You Could Be Surprised Who Sees Your Posts

Social Media Investigations | Los Angeles Private Investigators

Social media can provide a timeline of a person's online activity. With the date and time posted when they tweet; update a status; or add a picture, blog or message; it can show information that can become useful in certain situations.

Many people use their social media accounts as online diaries of a sort. They share important details of their day with friends, family and anyone else who happens to visit their profile. While they may think that the information is being reserved for those that are close to them, the information that is put out on the Internet is actually viewed by many more people than what may be expected.

Profiles may be viewed by individuals from completely different areas that are simply browsing through the Internet. It can also be viewed by attorneys, investigators and even potential employers.

Reasons for Social Media Investigations

Information found online can become an important part of legal cases these days, and the outcome can be swayed depending on what is found online. When conducting a background investigation, checking online profiles has become a valuable tool. Investigators can gain a greater understanding of where a person was at and what they were doing, to slowly begin to piece together the chain of events.

Potential employers may choose to run a background check on individuals they are considering to hire and more and more individuals are either getting the job or are not just based on their Internet profiles.

Need a Private Investigator in Los Angeles? Call Sunset Blvd. Investigations!

Social media may be a useful resource in your situation and at Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. our team is able to implement their investigative aptitude to utilize the information that they uncover. We're well versed in how to capture social media information from smartphones and the Internet in an ethical and legal manner.

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