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You know you need a private investigator when........

You're served with a subpoena stating you're over one year late on court ordered child and spousal support payments and as the process server is walking away it dawns on you that you've never been married, nor have you ever had a child.

Yes, you're a victim of Identity Fraud and SBI specializes in that!

You know you need a private investigator when........

You're the owner of a business that operates precision tools. During a 10 minute work break you observe an employee you've just hired 2 days ago crouched down between two cars in the employee parking lot wearing a baseball cap backwards with the words "SMOKE RESPONSIBLY" imprinted on it. You further notice the new employee is smoking a white, hand rolled cigarette and you detect a strong odor of marijuana.

Yes, you should have done a pre-employment background on that employee and yes, SBI specializes in that!


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