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A Drawing to Remember

Original Graphite Pencil Drawing by Abel Reynoso 9/12/2001

During the 1980's as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department I had the pleasure of working narcotics with Abel Reynoso, a talented artist and an outstanding cop. Here's a man who gets it right and captures the raw emotions of law enforcement officers not with his words, but with a skillfully guided paintbrush. Abel drew "A Drawing to Remember" with a pencil one day after 911. Steve Polak – Owner Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc.

No one can deny the events of 9/11 changed the world. Without a doubt, it affected countless lives. Especially those of us dedicated to duty, service and the safety of others. Like many others, as an artist and a career cop it touched my heart in many more ways than one. To honor and remember the heroes of that day, soon after I created this artwork to express my thoughts. Fourteen years later the feelings remain. Every line in this drawing makes sure of that. Abel Reynoso – September 11, 2015


Abel Reynoso's love for art developed during his childhood and continued throughout his life. Although he never received any formal art training, he developed his unique self-taught style while working with great artists in Europe and Latin America. A different kind of artist, Abel was always as comfortable with a gun as with a paintbrush. After graduating from college he joined the Los Angeles Police Department and eventually moved on to a career with the federal government. While pursuing his profession, Abel continued to paint fusing his artistic talent and knowledge of law enforcement to create a distinctive art style. His first painting was commissioned by the LAPD for the 1984 Olympic Games. With over thirty years of experience as a law enforcement professional, Abel travelled the world working and training with the best specialized police and military units acquiring a vast amount of expertise. This is why as an artist he specializes in police and military art. His work is widely published in books, magazines and periodicals. Abel's artwork is prominently displayed in many police and military television shows and movies. Several of his murals, paintings and lithographs decorate, among others, the walls of the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI Academy. His prints hang in federal buildings, police departments and embassies around the world. Abel has created artwork for a long list of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The FBI, DEA, U.S. Marshal, U.S Customs Service, Federal Air Marshal Service, ATF, ICE, CBP, DHS, the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, are among his most notable clients.

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