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Alaskan Oncologist Indicted for Tax Evasion Has All 5 Felony Charges Dismissed

SBI's owners, Steve Polak & Randy Petee, were the investigative team hired by the law firm Bienert|Katzman PC who represented Dr. Lawrence Lawson

Wasilla, AK — April 16, 2019 – Update:

U.S. District Court - District of Alaska (Anchorage)

United Statesv. Lawson (3:16-cr-00121)

Dr. Larry Lawson, a prominent oncologist, had been indicted on October 18, 2016 on four counts of tax evasion, announced Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Ciraolo, head of the Justice Department's Tax Division, and U.S. Attorney Karen L. Loeffler of the District of Alaska. IRS officials determined he owed more than $1.7 million.

Dr. Lawson's legal team from the Southern California law firm Bienert|Katzman, had filed a motion in federal court in Anchorage on Wednesday in the hopes of having tax evasion charges filed against him dismissed for reasons of inappropriate behavior by what his defense characterizes as a rogue IRS agent with a personal vendetta.

According to the motion filed by the defense, evidence, including affidavits from the woman who had been dating the allegedly rogue agent, as well as another IRS employee who claims to have witnessed John Williamson illegally break into Lawson's personal airplane hangar, has come to light casting aspersions on the entire prosecution.

In her affidavit, Tonya Barber says she began dating the IRS agent Williamson in the spring of 2011. Barber, who at the time went by the name Tonya Naquin, had been a patient of Lawson's and after she and the agent broke up, she began renting living space in a Wasilla-area airplane hangar owned by the doctor in Sept. of 2011.

Barber testifies that Williamson told her not to move into Lawson's property because he had been working the Lawson case. Barber moved in anyway and, she claims, Williamson harassed her there repeatedly.

In April of 2012, Barber says Williamson may have entered her residence without her knowing, a suspicion that was validated by another affidavit from IRS revenue officer Amber Kimmel, whose job was to collect delinquent tax accounts and whose supervisor at the time was Williamson. Kimmel testifies that on April 4, 2012, she was riding in an IRS car in the Mat-Su Valley driven by Williamson and that Williamson drove to Lawson's hangar to "check something out."

Williamson then got out of the car, and, according to the affidavit, told Kimmel, "said "what you are about to see, you never saw." Kimmel said she told Williamson to not get out of the car, but he did anyway and entered Lawson's private property without permission. Kimmel said she filed a complaint with her supervisors that day and said that Williamson was put on 30 days probation for his behavior.

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