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Over 80 years of Combined Experience

At Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc., we are prepared to assist you with your investigations needs. We seek the information that our clients are looking for whether it includes background investigations, litigation support, surveillance or other important areas. Our Los Angeles County private investigator provides invaluable assistance in critical matters and works with diligence and commitment to acquire the results that are clients turn to us for.

Our firm has more than 80 years of combined experience in the areas of law enforcement and investigations. Our founding investigators are both licensed by the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and have proven their ability in the field. We have earned a reputation based on our dedication to excellence and a commitment to continual moral standards. The leadership capabilities of our founding investigators allow us to continually strive for a higher standard and offer our clients unparalleled service.

Serving Los Angeles County

We serve the Los Angeles County area in a range of investigation matters. This includes technical security, internet dating investigations and childcare investigations. Los Angeles County stretches across more than 4,000 square miles and holds a population of almost 10 million. Based on the high number of people there, Los Angeles County is considered to be the most populous county within the entire country. Within it are 88 incorporated cities, along with unincorporated ones. While California is a large state, around a quarter of all its residents make their home in L.A. County. With such a large melting pot of individuals and cultures, there are people dealing with all types of situations and we are able to help them meet these needs.

The rate of crime is one of the highest in this area and our firm is able to offer services in criminal investigations. We can also locate witnesses when their account is needed for a case. Lawyers can set their practice in this metropolitan area and our office is able to correspond with them to provide services that may be needed to protect the interests of their clients. Many people flock to the area in hopes of job prospects and employers can often choose to run background checks to make sure they can trust the people that they are hiring. There are many services that we offer to residents of the County of Los Angeles and more can be found out by contacting our office directly.

Why Hire Us

When you are looking to acquire certain information or are looking for protection, our team is comprised of actual investigators that understand the hard work and effort that needs to go into each situation. Many individuals will try to make promises of the investigation services that they can offer without actually having the credentials and experience. We can provide both the background and proof of the results we are able to obtain. We take a hands-on approach and work personally with our clients to resolve their situations.

At our office, experience is something that can be depended on and we offer more than just empty words. We are committed to what we do and our work has taken us to many places, including outside of the country. Confidentiality is something that you can rely on getting from our company and we consider the matters our clients are faced with as carrying great importance. Our commitment to clients is unwavering and you can find out more about what we can do for you by filling out a contact form or calling our office.

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