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Investigative Services from Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc.

Our team continually strives for the best available results and we rely on our experience and developed knowledge to obtain them. Our founding investigators are both licensed and have been recognized for their proficiency in the practice of seeking and obtaining information, along with providing protective services to those in need. Together they have 80 years of experience. Experience is an important thing to search for when looking for a Newport Beach private investigator.

Our investigators both have extensive experience in both the area of law enforcement and in investigations. Stephen Polak was awarded with the Police Star for Bravery during his time in the police department. Randall Petee was a considerable asset to the Sheriff's Department in undercover investigations before going on to join Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. Having spent so much time in law enforcement has given them both connections that continue to work to the benefit of our clients. At Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc., our proficiency and relentless work ethic continue to be recognized in everything we do.

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(949) 438-2735

220 Newport Center Dr #11-215
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
Saturday & Sunday: By appointment only.

Private Investigations in Newport Beach

Situated on about 53 square miles, a large portion of which is water, Newport Beach is a town that attracts many people and even had a show featured around the social events that took place within its borders. Located along the coast of Southern California, around 85,000 people call this place, but a far higher number come to visit it each year. Newport Harbor is positioned here, increasing the traffic for the city and providing recreational use. While the harbor originally allowed for greater economic benefits, today it is covered in privately owned property.

The area of Newport Beach is known for its affluence and a census from a few years ago found the median family income to be at $126,000, while the median for households was at $95,000. The city is home to a range of individuals, including celebrities and heads of companies. Pacific Life is located there and the company makes the list of Fortune 500 companies. The job market is pretty strong especially when compared to nearby areas and there are a number of top employers found there. In spite of the many benefits to living in the area, there are still many needs that can arise.

At our office we are able to meet many of these concerns through Newport Beach private investigation services. This includes protection for executives that may have reason for concern over their safety. We also handle asset investigations, pre-employment investigations, criminal investigations and other areas. Sometimes it is necessary for us to go overseas for international investigations and we are willing to do this in an effort to obtain results for our clients. There are many ways in which we can aid residents of the Newport area and more about this can be found on our site or by contacting our office.

Private Investigators Serving Residents of Newport Beach

It is unfortunate that you can never be too careful and things such as nanny and childcare investigations may be needed, along with surveillance, technical surveillance countermeasures and internet dating investigations. There may be information that you need or protective services for any number of reasons. We are prepared to seek the outcome that you deserve in a range of scenarios and personalized attention is something that we believe in. Get started by contacting our office and learning about the specifics of what we can do you for. You can do so by calling us or filling out a contact form on our site.

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