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A Social Media Private Investigator Explains How Social Media Profiles Can Impact Legal Cases

July 1, 2024 Private Investigations

Whether your legal case is criminal, civil, family, law, or an employment dispute, social media can directly and significantly impact the outcome of the case. The significance of social media in legal proceedings is largely due to the wealth of information that can be gleaned from individuals’ online activities. A Social Media private investigator explains several key ways in which social media profiles can impact a legal case:

Evidence Gathering

Anything you post can become evidence. Whether photos, videos, posts, or comments, lawyers can scrutinize them to look for inconsistencies, admissions, or other relevant information. For example, in personal injury cases, a plaintiff claiming severe injuries might have their credibility challenged if their social media shows them engaging in physically strenuous activities.

Digital evidence from social media must be authenticated to be admissible in court. This involves verifying that the content accurately represents what it purports and has not been tampered with. Courts are becoming more adept at handling such evidence, using metadata and expert testimonies to validate social media content.

Influencing Jury and Public Opinion

Social media can also impact legal cases by shaping public perception and potentially influencing the jury pool. High-profile cases often see extensive social media coverage, which can lead to a biased jury. Lawyers might request a change of venue or sequester the jury to mitigate this effect. Jurors’ own use of social media during a trial can be problematic and can negatively impact legal cases. Courts typically instruct jurors not to discuss the case online, but violations can occur, leading to mistrials or appeals.

Legal Strategy and Case Development

Attorneys can use social media to profile opposing parties, witnesses, and jurors and develop and tailor their strategies accordingly. For example, in child custody and divorce cases, social media activity posts and photos that depict or suggest spousal infidelity or irresponsible behavior can influence alimony, custody, and visitation decisions. 

Techniques Used by Social Media Private Investigators To Extract Useful Information From Social Media Platforms

Private investigators employ various techniques to extract useful information from social media platforms. These include: 

  • Profile Analysis: PIs thoroughly examine public profiles, noting posts, photos, and interactions. Even seemingly trivial details can provide significant leads.
  • Friend and Follower Networks: By mapping out a person’s social connections, investigators can identify key associates and track the flow of information or activities through these networks.
  • Geolocation and Check-ins: Many social media platforms allow users to check in at locations or tag their photos with geolocation data. This information can help establish timelines and locate witnesses or missing persons.
  • Archived Data: Investigators may access archived data or use tools to recover deleted information, providing a more comprehensive picture of past activities.

Contact a Social Media Private Investigator

Social media profiles play a multifaceted role in legal cases, serving as a rich source of evidence and a tool for legal strategy. Sunset Blvd. Investigations has deep expertise in social media investigations  We use  state-of-the art software to dig deep into the metadata involving parties in civil litigation, criminal investigations, family law issues, and many other  types of legal disputes. Contact Sunset Blvd. Investigations to speak with a social media private investigator today about all of your investigation needs.

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