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“I can’t express enough how truly amazing this company is. Steve, the owner, is a true gem in the investigation industry. His level of expertise and vast experience is simply remarkable. We found ourselves in a uniquely challenging situation, and Steve was our guiding light throughout the entire process.

What truly sets Steve apart is his dedication to his clients. He took the time to patiently discuss all the options available to us, ensuring we had a comprehensive understanding of our choices. His commitment didn’t end there; he consistently followed up with us to see if there was anything else he could do to assist us further.

In my honest opinion, I can confidently say that there is absolutely nobody else I would recommend more than Steve and his company. Their exceptional service, professionalism, and genuine care for their clients make them stand out in the industry. If you find yourself in need of assistance, Steve is the person you can trust to go above and beyond your expectations.”

— Dan C. – Scottsdale, AZ

“Thank you again Steve for all the help on the article about Shaquille O’Neal trying to avoid being served in a crypto-related lawsuit. Your experience on what it’s like serving papers for people who are difficult to find, or outright dodging trying to get served, tracking them down, and some of the challenges you’ve encountered were very helpful.”

— Joseph De Avila – Reporter – Wall Street Journal

“I encountered Heidi and Randy when I was not able locate my son who disappeared in Los Angeles. My son’s friend studied their work and testimonials and hired them on my behalf to locate my son. I was awe founded at our initial meeting in their office as their warmth, sense of responsibility, attention, and professionalism was on display. They treated me with high level of respect and treated my case with high level of care. From our initial meeting, I felt at home with them and trusted that they have my best interest at heart, which they sure did.

They treated my case as if it the most important case they serviced. I have also witnessed that they are willing to help people they encounter even when there is no contractual agreement. They have heart for people who have strayed away due to numerous societal and personal reasons. It was natural and personal to both to leave no stone unturned to help me find my son—or anyone whom they take charge to locate.

Through their help, I was able to locate my son. They went above and beyond our contractual agreement to ensure that my son’s privacy is not violated. They also helped me to get necessary travel documentation and get reinstated to his place in society. With their help, I was able to safely bring my son home—far away from the West Coast.

I recommend them without reservation for anyone who has a need of their service. Thank you so very much, Heidi and Randy. You are one of a kind. May God bless you and keep you safe.”

— D. Hakas

“Thanks again Steve, Hannah and the rest of your team for all of your hard work for us. We really appreciate it & are very happy with the result. You did good!!”

— David Wiechert, Esq.,& Jessica C. Munk, Esq., Principals at Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein, PC

“Steve, Hannah and Randy, Thanks as always for your terrific help. Great result by all four defense teams.  Only regret is not getting to spend more time actually in trial for what would’ve been a lot of fun cross-examinations with the great info you guys found for us. That’s the problem — you and the others set us up too well and the government could see it coming, so they gave us the deal we couldn’t refuse earlier in the case. Very favorable settlement. Misdemeanors with no time. Onto other cases. Thanks again.” 


“Steve, much thanks to you and your team.  Safe to say we had a lot of ammo ready to use against the government’s main witness and some of their other adverse witnesses. That is due in large part to you, Hannah, and your squad.  No doubt the government knew that and this contributed to their decision to give us a sweet deal.  Our client is ecstatic with this result and please know that part of this victory is yours.  Keep fighting the good fight. It was a real pleasure working with you!” 

— Ryan Dougherty, Esq. & Daniel Goodrich, Esq. – Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

“Heidi and Randy carries out their tasks with distinction. My friend located them to investigate my son’s sudden disappearance from his apartment, and the level of care with which they treated me, and my son’s case cannot be beat. They are simply the best. Randy and Heidi treated me like the most important case they serviced, and I could tell they treat everyone with such care. it was natural and personal to them both and they left no stones unturned to help me find my boy. I truly believe that the value given could not be paid for enough. it was good to know that I had someone in my corner who is as passionate to find my son. Through the chaos of the situation, they brought clarity, excellence, and care. We finally located my son in one piece. Hearing his voice was a slice of heaven to me. Thank you Randy! Thank you so much Heidi. Your kind is rare, and I really appreciate your working into the night on our behalf. God bless you.”

— I. Bethia

“Hannah, thank you again for the great work turning up the dynamite evidence!  You’ll see the Judge cites it throughout his ruling.”

— Justin M. Goldstein, Esq. – Partner at Sklar Kirsh LLP

“My family was in need of investigator services to locate my brother, who had recently gone missing in the area. It was inherently a volatile situation, as he exhibited actions that indicated that he did not desire to be found, and we had exhausted all known information and resources on our own. Randy and Heidi are professional, efficient, thorough, but most importantly, compassionate. Their experience is apparent in their handling of difficult situations. All our calls were answered or replied to very promptly. They are amazing at identifying, anticipating, and addressing our needs. Ultimately, it was through their expertise that we recovered our loved one, and that is peace of mind that cannot be put into words. I highly recommend them for any services needed, as they are truly the best in their field. They are also some of the very few people left in this world who truly care for others, and that goes very far.”

— Christen Morris

“Heidi, Randy and Hannah, thank you for all of this effort and clear direction which was needed at this point. Your work reminds me of how things go around here to the extent it seems I am constantly taking calls and messages and researching limited issues for clients not electing to try and bill for the time. I feel it’s smarter to keep good clients well taken care of with the theory being that this should pay off eventually. In my case, you certainly have a long standing, loyal client who appreciates the good care you always take of me! Thanks again, Steve.”

— Steven J. Cooper, Esq.

“In the last week Randy was extremely helpful in the recovery of my son. As a parent, losing your child is the worst experience one can have. You’ve never loved until you become a parent, that love is indescribable. I found Randy online, did my research and, found his background in private investigative work to be extensive. After speaking with Randy over the phone one time, I was sold, and let me say he is worth every penny! He went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me recover my son who was abducted from our home state of Texas and moved to California. I can’t praise this man enough, and I can’t encourage others enough to go with Randy. If you are looking for a Private Investigator that takes his work personally and not just as another workload case, then Randy is your guy! Once again, thanks for all your help Randy!”

— Jonathan Tyo, Texas.

“Randall Petee is one of L.A.’s top investigators. He and his staff at Sunset Blvd Investigations are responsive, efficient, and thorough. Their investigative services provide invaluable insights that help my clients make informed decisions. They all go the extra mile. When in need of the best, you should turn to Sunset Blvd Investigations.”

— William Briggs, Esq. - Partner at Venable LLP

Hello All, I wanted to send you a quick update on Barbara’s (not true name) situation. After the suspect was convinced to show up at the LAPD Venice station on Sunday, and after denying even knowing Barbara in front of the police, finally admitted everything to a detective. All of Barbara’s belongings (99% of it) were recovered in a storage unit and the suspect’s father promised to reimburse Barbara the cash that was stolen from her by his daughter who was arrested and spent Sunday night in jail. I wanted to thank all of you for a great, professional and as fast as I ever witnessed work. If I ever need or know someone needing your services, I will refer you without hesitation.

— Michael Giordani

“My client and I had a very important situation where locating a person was essential in getting the job done. Steve, Hannah, and Mimi were extremely responsive and in a very short period of time the person we needed was located. Then Steve went the extra mile to contact the person, explain the situation, and assisted us in achieving the desired result. The work was outstanding.”

— E Overby, Esq., Georgia

“Although your name was not mentioned in the GQ article dated August 2012 I wanted to thank you for your investigative assistance in the vetting process of Jason Zengerle.”

— Theodore H. Frank, Esq., United States Vice President Vetter

“When I was writing an article for GQ about what it was like to go through the vetting process that potential U.S. Vice Presidential candidates are put through, my vetter needed an investigator to rummage through my life and look for any skeletons in my closet. The vetter couldn’t have picked a more thorough investigator than Steve, who did just a great job. And I know that if I ever need to hire an investigator for anything, Steve will be the first one I call.”

— Jason Zengerle, GQ Magazine's Political Correspondent, Contributing Writer For The New York Times Magazine & Client

“Randy is a detailed and thorough investigator. He has an excellent background in investigations and his creativity always results in a remarkable work product. He is extremely reliable and always completes his assignments on time in a very friendly way.”

— Honey Lewis, Esq. - Assistant City Attorney at City of Los Angeles

“Steve is a top investigator with solid judgment and practical advice and suggestions.”

— Anthony Pacheco, Esq. - Litigation Shareholder at Vedder Price

“An integral part of any successful criminal defense practice, Sunset Investigations delivers the ball to the finish line. Mr. Petee is reliable, dependable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and resourceful.”

— Alaleh Kamran - President & Chief Litigation Officer at Alaleh Kamran.

“Steve is my go-to guy whenever I have the need for quick-turnaround investigations and background checks, and whenever I need to serve legal process on hard-to-serve individuals. I frequently refer him to my clients and colleagues, and their feedback on Steve has always been excellent.”

— Travis Gemoets, Esq. - Attorney at Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell (JMBM)

“Steve Polak is a terrific private investigator who I’ve used many times. He can perform any investigative task, from undercover work, to surveillance, to gathering financial, background or factual information, to participating in legal strategy, and to providing credible and effective testimony. His wealth of experience in a variety of situations allows him to tailor his approach to the needs of the case. Steve has always provided timely, helpful and cost-efficient assistance to the matter at hand. I give him the highest recommendation possible.”


“Steve is a highly experienced, efficient, and effective professional. He not only provides the services requested, he also analyzes and advises as to the appropriateness of the request. His judgment, and those of the people he works with, is impeccable.”

— Robert E. Braun, Esq. - Partner at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP (JMBM)

“Randall Petee was recommended to me by my sister-in-law who’s an Attorney. Randy has been my only personal and business source for Employee Pre-Employment background checks. Randy and his firm are always on target to deliver a timely response so that we can move forward on making employment offers. We have been working with Randy for over 7 years and are extremely happy with his services.”

— Ruth Herrera Meade - Director of Human Resources at Casa Herrera, Inc.

“Steve is innovative, responsive and a dedicated professional. If you want a job done efficiently and effectively he should be at the top of the list.”

— David Wiechert, Esq., Wiechert, Munk & Goldstein, PC

“I’m an attorney and have worked with Steve Polak in connection with several cases where we needed both United States and International investigative services. If you need any type of investigative service done, whether it is tracking down someone in the Middle East for an interview or discreet monitoring of an individual next door, he will get it done. He is experienced, client-service oriented, and efficient, often communicating the fruits of his investigation within hours (if not minutes) of the assignment. I have and will continue to use Steve and recommend him to anyone looking for investigative services.”

— Ariana Hawbecker, Esq.

“My firm has worked with Mr. Polak on numerous occasions. Mr. Polak is both creative and logical, and he provides the same high-quality level of work for all projects, from the most simple to the most complex. I highly recommend him!”

— Susann Narholm, Esq. – Attorney/Consultant – Based in Nävekvarn, Sweden

“I’ve worked with Steve while he was here in Moscow on a multi-million dollar fraud investigation. Steve is very skillful in conducting interviews and research. The results of his work proved very beneficial for his client.”

— Alexander Crioni - Russian Private Investigator

“Very responsive, hardworking and easy to work with.”


“Steve is a dependable and very knowledgeable private investigator. I highly recommend him for backgrounds or other investigation work. We have used him many times. He can also take on assignments many times on short notice.”

— Ray Loomis - Legal Services Consultant and Paralegal at Law Offices of Timothy Bowles, P.C.

“I met Randy through a friend/workers comp patient. In our conversation I learned he did background investigations. I was in the process of starting up a new company, ICM Home Care and knew I would need background checks on my caregivers. He is very proficient in providing me with complete, professional reports in a very timely manner.”

— Marilyn Jones - LVN, CM

“Randy is simply the best at what he does. I have used him for several highly confidential investigations and his work ethic and product are the best in the industry.”

— James Pacina, CPP - Director, Business Continuity, Life & Retirement

“Steve is extremely professional and highly competent in all investigative avenues.”

— William Floratos, Esq. - Principal/President at Floratos Loll & Devine, A Professional Corp.

“Mr. Polak and his crew are highly detail oriented, excellent at what they do, and consistently achieve outstanding results.”

— Owner at Law Offices of Richard M. Sudar

“My law firm has relied on Steve on many sensitive matters to the benefit of our clients and to the overall legal process. I have found him a conscientious and trustworthy professional.”

— Tim Bowles, Esq. - Law Offices of Timothy Bowles, P.C.

“Randy, Hannah and Mimi, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Based on your investigation, the judge dismissed the complaint against me. With your assistance and my lawyer fighting for me, I am now one step closer to seeing my son and having my custody rights returned. Thank you!”

— A.R., Los Angeles, California

“We were thrilled with your responsiveness and the way you kept us informed. We can’t say enough about how knowing you were working on things there put our minds at ease. There wasn’t anything we could do from here and this helped so much! Our daughter arrived home safe. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated the efforts put forth by all of you in Los Angeles. You’ve played a significant role in getting our daughter home. We really appreciate all you have done and the updates you were providing to us! We can’t tell you enough how much all that you have done means to us! If things change we’ll definitely reach out to you again. Thank you so much!!!”

— M and J

“I’ve relied on Steve’s investigative talents for years, both for my litigation practice and for my personal affairs. There is, quite simply, no one better. Steve is smart, meticulous, dogged, and fearless. He has traveled the world on multi-million-dollar cases, yet no job is too small to him.”

— Luis A. Feldstein, Esq.

“Hannah, Randy & Steve: Our client was very impressed with your collective efforts. I very much appreciate your making us all look good.”

— Anthony Pacheco, Esq. Litigation Shareholder at Vedder Price

“Steve, based on your surveillance teams outstanding work in going undetected for 4 days you stopped a major threat to our family. Thank you for your insight and the valuable information you and your team were unable to uncover. I’ll be recommending your services to others in the future.”

— B. Wallingsford, Los Angeles, CA

“When I called and asked your advice after escaping from my abusive husband you found me a shelter for abused women. At the shelter they helped me to begin to put my life back together. I remember that we spoke for over an hour and when I asked how much it would cost me you told me not to worry, that what was important is that I get to a place of safety. For you Steve it wasn’t about the money, it was just about me. Thank you.”

— Barbara R.” (State redacted for security concerns.)

“Thank you Steve for finding my birth mother. After trying for 17 years and using 3 different investigators who said she couldn’t be found you found her in 4 days and provided me with her contact information. We’ve reunited and I’m so happy now that every day with her is precious.”

— F. Rabinowitz, New York

“Steve Polak has been my go-to investigator for several years for my state and federal criminal and civil cases alike. He is highly experienced and extremely reliable in handling all aspects of investigation. He is someone I can trust to be attentive to detail and quick to produce results. He has and will remain a valuable member of my litigation team.”

— Teresa Alarcon, Esq.

“I have utilized Stephen Polak and his services to assist in many cases and in sensitive negotiations. Steve has always done his best in trying to find the necessary data and assist in any way he can to maximize the outcome of the client. His assistance has allowed me to “pull” a rabbit out of my hat” for my clients from time to time. Including, for example, the return of $1Million that was part of a Bunco scheme on one of my elderly clients, once all the facts were known. I look forward to working with Sunset Blvd. Investigations and Steve in the future.”

— Patrick C. Stacker, Esq.

“I have used the services of Mr. Polak for many years. I have found him to be experienced, professional and competent. Most importantly he is a pleasure to work with and gets results!”

— Kurt Strode, Esq.

“I whole heartedly recommend investigator Stephen Polak. I (and other lawyers in my firm) have worked with Steve on many cases over the last 10 years. These cases range from as massive, international white-collar investigation, to alleged economic espionage, to smaller matters in state court and other venues. Steve has been unfailingly reliable, hardworking and thorough. His work product is clear and accurate. I look forward to working with Steve on many more cases and I strongly recommend his services to others.”

— Kenneth Miller, Esq.

“Steve has proven himself over and over as a first class investigator, getting the information requested rapidly and legally, to resolve several issues that we needed help on. I’d recommend him for any investigation.”

— Danny Chadwell, Director of Corporate Affairs

“Steve Polak is not only a great investigator and a ‘Lethal Weapon,’ who is also very dedicated, smart and professional. He’s not only there in any and every situation, but he will always tell you the truth and how it really is. Sometimes honesty is the best security.”

— Adam Friedman, Emmy Winner and Client

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