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Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. (SBI) specializes in difficult subpoena service not only in California, but nationwide. Many of our clients turn to us when other investigators or process servers have not been successful serving court documents. At SBI, we utilize a vast array of tools in our investigative arsenal to effect service.

While some individuals are willing to comply with or are expecting service, others have proven to be more difficult to contact–whether it is unintentional or on purpose. When the subject of your process becomes difficult, it would assist you greatly to recruit the services of an experienced SBI Los Angeles private investigator.

Another problem that we’ve seen many times is that the address on the subpoena is wrong. No one had done their due diligence to ascertain if the address was still valid.

If you’re involved in a high stakes court case in which you anticipate that the subject may be uncooperative or evasive, it’s best to hire a private investigator. At SBI, we’ll first compile a systematic plan based on our research rather than first trying to serve the subject without having the correct information.

We understand that costs are a consideration, but sending out an attorney service to randomly knock on a door which is generally only successful in alerting the subject that they are trying to be served with a subpoena or other court-related documents ends up costing the client additional money in the long run.

Generally speaking, people do not take well to being served court documents, whether it’s a complaint, subpoena or a restraining order. Even if it is not intentional, some people may be hard to find, reach, or locate because of their situation. Common difficulties that may arise when attempting the legal service process may include:

  • Invalid resident information
  • Subjects that refuse to answer the door or have a household member answer and say they are not home when you know they are
  • Gated home communities
  • Apartment complexes with limited access
  • Subjects that move residency often

Prior to attempting to serve any witness, our due diligence preparations include the following:

  • Obtain current address information on the subject’s residence and place of employment.
  • Social Media research to determine the subject’s current activities.
  • Inquire via the Department of Motor Vehicles to identify any vehicle(s) registered in the subject’s name.
  • Conduct a surveillance of the subject’s location prior to knocking on the door to ensure the subject is at home or their place of business. When possible and depending on our client’s budget requirements, we’ll usually wait until we physically see the subject before attempting service.

Difficult legal service of process is time consuming and frustrating. While evading service is not necessarily illegal, it can halt a high stakes case, put someone’s life in jeopardy, or interfere with the entire legal system all together.

Contact Sunset Blvd. Investigators Today!

Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. has a proven reputation for being able to serve people when process servers have failed. At SBI, our investigators have decades of experience with difficult service of process issues. We’re resourceful and creative in our tactics in order to deliver results, while always staying within the legal boundaries. If you need assistance with a difficult service of process, contact a Los Angeles private investigator from our office today!

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