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As the co-founder of Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc., Steve delivers a powerful combination of fifty years in law enforcement and private investigations. His experience, combined with unrelenting diligence and dedication, allow him to solve clients’ matters quickly.

Steve spent twenty-one years as a law enforcement officer, inclusive of supervisory positions, before he retired from the Los Angeles Police Department with the designated rank of Detective. In 1984 he received the Police Star for bravery while working in an undercover capacity. His police involvement has provided a distinctive level of expertise in civil and criminal investigations, including witness interviews and suspect interrogations resulting in more than a thousand arrests and convictions. As a top Los Angeles private investigator, Steve continues to use his former law enforcement experience to benefit clients.

His experience also includes the collection, processing and preservation of evidence. Steve has prepared detailed investigative reports and executed numerous search warrant affidavits. He has assisted clients with the filing of criminal cases with Offices of the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney. During these cases, Steve provided several testimonies during Grand Jury proceedings. He has also testified in depositions and in Federal, Superior and Municipal Courts on hundreds of occasions.

In 1994, Steve established Stephen W. Polak Investigative Services, Inc., a privately owned and licensed entity in California providing comprehensive private investigation services. Under his leadership, the company quickly earned a solid reputation for its dedication to professional excellence and exceptional client service. They were also well-respected for uncompromising on their ethical standards. Today, the company counts among its clients Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, entertainment industry professionals, venture capital firms, investors and individuals in the private sector. In 2003, Steve received an Honorary Gold Record (Anti-Piracy Unit) from the Recording Industry Association of America for his invaluable investigative assistance.

Steve has personally conducted investigations while operating in the countries of Russia, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Norway, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amsterdam, Hungary, Serbia and Canada. He maintains memberships with the World Association of Detectives, California Association of Licensed Investigators, Southern California Fraud Investigators Association, California Narcotics Officers Association and the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Public Service Management from the University of Redlands. Steve also received his Associate of Arts Degree from Long Beach City College as well as a Teaching Credential in Administration of Justice from UCLA.

Steve continues to be a featured lecturer at numerous seminars throughout the United States. He is also frequently called upon to provide expertise and insight for national and local television networks, radio, print, and on-line media sources.


In 2021 DEA Agent James Akagi presented Steve Polak with this commemorative Federal Agent Badge Coin representing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs which celebrates the 45th year anniversary of the Joint Narcotics Task Force Program.  The coin is an acknowledgement of Mr. Polak’s tenure with the DEA in 1989 as this was the first Joint Gang Narcotics Task Force in Los Angeles, California. In 1989 Steve was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the DEA for his “Outstanding Contributions In The Field Of Drug Law Enforcement.” 

One side of the coin depicts a small gold-plated replica of the DEA Agent badge that was in use when the DEA first started experimenting with the Task Force idea in 1970. The reverse side depicts a small replica of a silver toned DEA Task Force Officer badge like the ones in use today. The rim has the “Thin Blue Line” which is a Law Enforcement symbol.  The Task Force combines federal leverage and the specialists available to the DEA with local detective’s investigative talents and detailed street knowledge of their jurisdiction which leads to highly effective narcotic enforcement investigations.

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