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Threat assessment was originally developed by the United States Secret Service to evaluate subjects who threatened public officials, but has now evolved into operational activities designed to analyze dangerous situations.

In today’s ever-changing climate, threats arise from all aspects of life from terrorist factions, campus violence, marital disputes, and disgruntled or terminated employees, just to name a few.

A threat assessment investigation is proactive and is focused on preventing harm to an individual or company. The primary purpose of a threat assessment is to prevent targeted violence.

As part of Sunset Blvd. Investigation’s threat assessment investigation, we utilize many resources to evaluate an individual’s potential for causing harm. A key part of that evaluation is a thorough background check in addition to researching social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Craigslist, which provides a wealth of data in evaluating SBI’s threat assessment of an individual.

It has been SBI’s experience that social media is where individuals are more open and expressive in their opinions and feelings in providing clear evidence of their objectives.

At the outset of a threat assessment, SBI’s investigators start by collecting data from outside parties which could include interviewing people who witnessed an individual making threatening remarks or gestures. We would also review any reports or notes on the potential threat to help us understand the background of your situation.

When possible, after collecting all relevant data, we’ll meet with the subject who poses the threat to better evaluate their overall mental status. Our investigator will be looking for nonverbal, overt signs such as; odd facial expressions, excessive agitation, or verbal outbursts.

Based on the interview results, the personality of the individual being assessed, his or her mental state and the nature of their behaviors, we’ll then make an assessment on how to best protect the client.

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