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No matter what field or situation you find yourself, there is seldom a better way to beat your opponents than with a solid defense. Security measures are taken in order to protect livelihood, financial assets and even intellectual property such as ideas and businesses practices. With the advancement of technology in this century, there is some of the most sophisticated security equipment available at an arm’s length. Unfortunately, if your enemies are after some important information they may sometimes succeed in breaching your existing security measures.

Infiltrations into seemingly secure facilities and systems are usually due to previously undetected weaknesses that were inherent in the security measures. Since a large part of private investigation work involves maneuvering complex security systems and gaining access to things that seem to be protected, the same skills can be used to do the opposite. Private investigators know what to look for in terms of weaknesses or failings in current security systems. Choosing to find and deal with those weaknesses yourself will preeminently fend off a potential breach by a hostile character in the future.

While the primary objective of many clients at Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. is gathering intelligence or evidence on other people through surveillance, others have legitimate and justified concerns about safeguarding their own privacy. Whether you are a private individual or a corporate executive, you may have reason to be worried that your security could be — or already has been — compromised by an individual or business competitor who wants to gather information about you. Fortunately, our team has solutions, and we are ready to help.

About the Risk Management Analysis Survey

The Security and Risk Management Analysis Survey provided by Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. is a thorough physical examination of a facility and / or its operation with respect to personnel and company assets. It is also a systematic approach using proven strategies to avoid potential losses. Our services consist of network intrusions, physical security assessments, physical security surveys, email harassment, and cyberstalking. The objective of the survey is to test and infiltrate the internal and external network environment and conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and vulnerability study of our client’s facility and information systems. The Los Angeles investigator performing the survey conducts exhaustive vulnerability assessments of company policies and building design, as well as a detailed crime analysis that involves compiling crime statistics based upon police reports in and around a target location.

How the Survey Can Help

At the conclusion of the process, we will provide you with suggestions as to appropriate control measures that are commensurate with the risks to which your organization is currently exposed. The goal is to help you identify and resolve any weaknesses in your security so that you can take action to safeguard yourself against future breaches, as well as spotting and removing any existing compromise of your security network. We offer consultations to corporations as well as physical security assessments of homes, buildings, properties, and business environments. To learn more about our Risk Management Analysis Survey and how it can help you, contact a Los Angeles private investigator from Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. today.

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