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Randy Petee and Steve Polak, our investigative team at Sunset Blvd. Investigations (SBI), provides investigative and litigation support services to businesses, in-house counsel and law firms by performing comprehensive background investigations, interviews and extensive research of individuals, entities, locations, assets, utilities and more.

From the inception of a lawsuit, through the fact-gathering stages, the negotiation process and finally to the point of settlement or verdict, our investigators work tirelessly to acquire relevant facts crucial to your success in the courtroom. With more than eight decades of experience in both law enforcement and private investigation, our team is more than prepared to take on even the most challenging cases, doing everything possible to provide you with the evidence you need to prove your case.

Our investigators have extensive experience with the collection, processing and preservation of evidence and our due diligence ensures it is the right evidence that will be legally admissible in court. With our multi-faceted experience, we know what is required to assist you in building a strong, solid case for your clients.

Whether the case is civil or criminal or whether you’re looking for evidence to incriminate or to exonerate, SBI’s investigators can help. With over 80 years of combined experience, and having conducted over 1000 interviews and interrogations, both of our investigators bring unique insights and skills to the cases they work on.

Randy and Steve’s individual experiences working for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Police Department and the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration make us valuable assets for private attorneys in all civil and criminal matters no matter how small or complex the case is.

We understand that stringent schedules imposed by trial dates are part of the business and we work to acquire information as quickly and efficiently as possible. The vast majority of our investigations involve developing evidence to be presented in court. With this in mind, we are careful to employ investigative methods that can bear the scrutiny of judges and juries. We believe in establishing and adhering to a high degree of transparency and accountability, making our client’s confidentiality and satisfaction the top priorities at all times.

Consulting with a private investigator can assist attorneys in leveraging their position and find creative and efficient ways to be the victor over their adversary. Here’s a sampling of what an investigator can do for you:

  • Leverage for Negotiations: An investigator can pull together key resources and intelligence data to better inform your side during litigation, or any other adversarial situation that can make the difference between favorable settlements.
  • Locating People: It may be a prior employee who can shed light on corporate misconduct, or maybe you need to locate a witness in possession of the proverbial “smoking gun.” Whether you would like to interview, serve a subpoena, or investigate someone, an investigator can help you to identify and locate the individual or business entity.
  • Connecting the Dots: Investigators can assist you in knowing who’s actually sitting on the other side of the table during litigation or discussions during a potential business transaction. You’re able to gain immeasurable negotiation power by identifying who’s actually behind a faceless corporation or tying together undisclosed connections.
  • Preparation for Cross Examination: During preparation for a deposition or courtroom testimony, an investigator’s report detailing your witnesses’ weaknesses, background, and behavioral tendencies may be one of your most valuable tools. This will give you a distinct advantage in litigation strategizing during cross examination, or at the resolution table.

Our investigators at SBI know how to interview and analyze a witness. We’re trained not only to listen to what is said, but to also listen to what is not being said. Our motto at SBI, is to leave no stone unturned.

In the field of high-end litigation, a reliable and investigator is an indispensable asset. It could mean the difference between finding a critical witness or that elusive document that may determine the outcome of your case.

With a strong commitment to client satisfaction and confidentiality, objectives are attained with discretionary professionalism while maintaining the highest degree of ethics, sensitivity and integrity.

At SBI we have the resources and ability to accomplish any size investigation quickly and efficiently, including time-sensitive cases where multiple witnesses need to be interviewed and declarations obtained in a relatively short period of time.

Please visit our Testimonial Page to view comments from your colleagues that have utilized our services.

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Professional Memberships:

  • The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).
  • Southern California Fraud Investigators Association
  • World Association of Detectives
  • California Association of Licensed Investigators

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