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Due diligence is an investigation, examination, or an analysis performed to verify facts or details of a matter under deliberation.  Our highly skilled private investigators at Sunset Blvd. Investigations (SBI) systematically evaluate and identify risks to ascertain fact from fiction before our clients commit to any agreement.

In addition we provides a background investigation and assessment of the reputation of a potential partner or individual in a new business endeavor. Our research also consists of the assessment of a company’s assets, previous litigation involvement and other relevant issues. Our due diligence services have been provided to companies, venture capital firms, law firms, investors, and other qualified parties.

The capital purpose of due diligence is minimizing the risk of accepting a bad investment or making a mistake that can potentially damage your organization. In addition to having our SBI team perform a background investigation of an individual or corporation, we thoroughly analyze information and data that concerns the issue at hand to help you make an informed decision to avoid potential disasters. This research can help you identify individuals who may have hidden interests as they seek to conduct business with you.

Intelligence gathering is becoming increasingly important before proceeding with any large business decision. Knowing the background and integrity of the parties involved in an investment, transaction, or other business arrangement has become paramount to completing a successful deal or establishing a rewarding partnership.

Another example of due diligence would cover the hiring of any employee especially in a management position:

  • We always ask that our clients ask for three references and we personally verify the information they list on their applications.
  • For professional or employment positions we verify that the prospective employee or candidate has the credentials they listed on their resume.

In essence, the due diligence process is to provide business, and private equity owners including corporate executives, with trustworthy and comprehensive background information on proposed business or private investor transactions which will enable them to make knowledgeable decisions about whether to go forward with a business venture or not.

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