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Bankruptcy Trustee Attempts to Take Fraud Victim’s $3.2 Million Judgment

August 7, 2014 Private Investigations

SBI’s, Steve Polak and Randy Petee were the investigative team for Dr. Ronald Cunning.

Though the process has been long and complicated, Dr. Ronald Cunning successfully obtained a $3.2 million judgment against the man who defrauded him. In 1994, Dr. Cunning became a victim of fraud. He decided to take legal and eventually won his lawsuit in 1997.

Over sixteen years have passed from that initial court ruling and the steps to obtain his settlement have not been easy. A bankruptcy trustee recently attempted to sue Dr. Cunning for the funds, claiming that he did not properly serve the fraudster with legal documents back in 2005. They argued that since he did not follow the correct steps, that they should be able to take the money and pay off creditors in the fraudster’s bankruptcy. This approach was proven weak though, since as a creditor, Dr. Cunning was owed over 90% of the money involved in the case.

The court overturned this though, putting the money and favor back in Dr. Cunning’s hands. Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. is proud to have been able to help with this case over the years. Dr. Cunning recently expressed his gratitude to his trial team and investigators for the latest court ruling. He is quoted saying “throughout the years, I have been very thankful for, and appreciative of, the talent and hard work of my trial counsel and investigators.”

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