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Executive Protection

November 5, 2018 Celebrity/ Executive Protection

Thalia, “Queen of Latin Pop”, entrepreneur and actress with her husband, Tommy Mottola, American music executive, have been receiving personal security from Randy Petee (co-owner of Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc.) for over 17 years. This photo depicts Thalia receiving her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Randy Petee is directly in front of Thalia in the blue suit with his eyes locked on the crowd.

Los Angeles is the central hub of the world entertainment industry and is one of the most substantial economic engines within the United States. It is home to many VIPs, who at any given time, may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity or high-profile status, net worth, as well as political or religious affiliations.

When it comes to protecting the rights and safety of a client, it’s senseless to place this assignment into the hands of untrained and inexperienced guards. For example, if you have celebrity status, we at Sunset Blvd. Investigations (SBI) are vigilant when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi, obsessive fans, and stalkers. We employ only elite protection specialists who are highly skilled, professionally trained and have decades of experience.

We realize it’s not easy to entrust your private and confidential information to just anyone. Our staff members are current and former law enforcement officers with decades of experience. We strive to make it effortless for our clients to pursue normal activities in a carefree manner. We work with you to customize your security to a point where we can be invisible or visible to the public eye if desired.

At SBI our protection professionals specialize in proactive security tactics designed to assess, detect, and neutralize risks before they become threatening situations, either in the private sector, or in a work-place environment. Depending on the level of threat assessed at the time, we can provide a security specialist who will either be armed or unarmed, including male or female operatives, who can discreetly and efficiently be deployed in any environment.

Our strategic ability is to establish a low-key presence coupled with the early identification of potential threats prior to their occurrence. Protection is not about excessive force or using a weapon, but rather using proactive and preventive methods. Our highly-trained executive protection specialists are trained to diminish risks to your security and privacy while operating with the utmost discretion while allowing you to maintain your customary lifestyle.

At SBI, our protection services are designed to mitigate risk for individuals whose reputations, prominence, wealth, or occupations require heightened personal security. We customize our security to the principal’s individual preferences or corporate culture, while taking into consideration the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities which face them.

SBI’s security division, Sunset Executive Security, is licensed (PPO#14487) by the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services and is fully insured. For your security protection concerns, turn to Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. with over 80 years of experience. SBI is always there for you! We’re just one click, text, email, or phone call away!

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