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Is Your Spouse Cheating? Signs to Look For:

July 22, 2013 Private Investigations

It is normal in many relationships to have certain concerns. Sometimes these concerns can become a larger issue when an individual fears their spouse may be cheating on them. How do you know if they are and what do you look for? Every case is unique and there is no exact formula for how to answer this question, but the following are some important signs to look for:

  • A spouse that is cheating can begin to lose interest. They may seem like they are always somewhere else leading to a continual and growing feeling of distance.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum they may also feel guilty, causing them to be more attentive than they previously were.
  • They may be staying at work a lot longer or even taking weekend trips away where it is hard to get in touch with them.
  • They may also be going to the gym a lot more. While it may seem that they are working on their health, sometimes there are other motivations for this change in lifestyle.
  • Other trips may take longer than they need to. They could run to the grocery store or to the bank but be gone longer than what is necessary. When confronted about it their answer may seem unstable or they can fumble for an answer. They may even get upset if questioned too much.
  • It is common for them to be secretive and get upset when their cell phone or other electronic communication is looked at.
  • They may ignore their cell phone, even during a time when you know that they would normally have it near them.
  • Their style may change and while this can be a normal phase of life, sometimes it is changing to suit the preference of the other person.
  • Travel expenses can also increase and it may be due to the fact that they are going somewhere else, or they are paying for two when they are on the trip.

It is important to remember that having some of these signs evident is not always an indicator that a spouse is cheating so you don’t want to jump to conclusions without having more facts. What do you do if you notice some of these signs? One of the best things that you can do is to turn to a Los Angeles private investigator from Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. who can help provide you with either way. Having evidence can give you an answer of whether or not they are cheating, and it may offer further insight if they are denying the accusations but you still feel an unsettling feeling about it. Call our office to find out more about what we may be able to do in these situations.

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