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“Jej Suis Diesel”

November 23, 2015 News

Original Graphite Pencil Drawing by Abel Reynoso November 23, 2015. During the 1980’s as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department I had the pleasure of working in the narcotics bureau with Abel Reynoso, a talented artist and an outstanding cop. Here’s a man who gets it right and captures the raw emotions of law enforcement officers not with his words, but with a skillfully guided paintbrush. Steve Polak – Owner Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc.

Abel Reynoso – Police & Military Artist

Nov 23, 2015

After the horrific Paris’ attacks this past week, the French National Police conducted a series of tactical assaults on terrorist’s cells. Last Wednesday, “Diesel”, a seven-year-old Belgian Malinois, died during one of these raids.

In police work, developing a close bond with a partner is one of the greatest satisfactions of the job. Friendship, camaraderie, trust and dependency are just few of the lessons learned, that unless experienced, not many can understand. K-9 handlers spend long hours training, working, taking care of, and living every day with their dog. So when one is lost in the line of duty, is not just a dog, it is a partner, a friend and a family member that is gone.

This drawing is my tribute to “Diesel” Thank you for your service! “Je Suis Un Chien”

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