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New Debit & Credit Card Risks

February 10, 2014 Private Investigations

There’s a new brand of thief out there that wants what you have. The problem with this bad guy is that you can’t see him when he steals from you. You’re not beat down to the ground and your property is ripped from your hands or clothing, but you’ve still been violated. You’ve just had part of your identity stolen. This new class of thief is known as the “Electronic Pickpocket.”

Major banks are now embedding what’s known as an RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip in credit and debit cards for faster service at the check-out counters. The RFID chip carries information that details your account number and expiration date.

Examine your newer cards for the Wi-Fi Signal Icon on them. After reviewing the following YouTube link, I’d consider not activating your cards before checking with the issuing bank to determine if you can have the credit/debit card replaced with a non-Wi-Fi Frequency Card.

NOTE: SBI does not promote any product that is referenced in this video.

Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. is always watching out for you. If you’ve been a theft victim or need information on how to safeguard your personal property from Electronic Pickpockets, then please feel free to call us with your concerns. SBI is there for you!

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