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New “Hang W/” App May Make It Easier for Stalkers to Find Celebrities

February 19, 2014 Celebrity/ Executive Protection

Steve Polak, founder of Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc., has recently been quoted in an article published by Hollywood News.

The article covered the up-and-coming mobile app called Hang W/ (or “Hang With”), which allows anyone – including celebrities and sports stars – to broadcast live to countless viewers. Celebrities have been using this app to connect with fans, but Mr. Polak argues that these celebrities may not realize the risks that live broadcasts can carry when it comes to stalkers.

In the article, Steve Polak is quoted as saying:

“Twitter is bad enough. They’re putting themselves out there in print and photos and now they live stream it? If they have a stalker, it’s not safe… there are a lot of security concerns… The upside, I see what [they’re saying]: it’s all for the fans. Fans are one thing. The fans are good people, but fans could be bad guys, too. If they were my client, I’d ask them ‘Do you need that much attention right now like that?'”

Mr. Polak and other professionals agreed in the interview that stalkers can recognize the background during the live stream, such as a restaurant, to find out where the celebrity is at that moment. Tech savvy stalkers can even trace the broadcast to learn the celeb’s exact location. While Hang W/ may seem like a great way to connect with fans and build up a fan base, there may be more downsides than upsides.

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