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June 5, 2015 News

At Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. (SBI) we received many inquires asking what sources we utilize in gathering information on our investigations.

In today’s information age, the clichéd old school private investigator has swapped his fedora and local street informant for new tools such as the Internet and investigative databases to gather intelligence.

Although this approach has remarkable value for its speed and ability to search a wide variety of registers, relying on the Internet and database records has shown inconsistent and inaccurate information.

At SBI we’ve found the most effective and thorough way to gather intelligence is to utilize a multi-pronged investigative approach. The key to this investigative approach is to identify mutually supporting information from various unrelated sources to gather a more precise, comprehensive and complete picture.

SBI utilizes online sources such as proprietary databases that offer a fast and effective way to aggregate information. We also employ source based information. Online sources are quick and easy, but in order to obtain more in-depth information on facts and information, there’s no better person to interview than the source. Other forms of intelligence gathering can be a moving surveillance or an onsite court records search.

Another investigative source used by SBI is known as Open-Source Intelligence. This refers to information which is publicly available appearing in print or electronic form including television, newspapers, journals, the Internet, commercial databases, and videos.

Each methodology provides its own benefits, but when used collaboratively, they provide the best opportunity to uncover critical information.

In certain cases, using only one of these approaches may be the most effective method to accomplishing your case objective. However, using this system affords a private investigator multiple tools to identify fact-based information and overcomes potential problems and/or risks which may be inherent in only focusing on one area of investigation.

Remember, gathering as much intelligence from numerous sources can ultimately lead to better decision making and ultimately reaching the client’s case objective.

Above all else, Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. (SBI) is committed to the facts. We want to help you find the answers and information you need in order to strengthen your case for the most successful outcome. For all of your investigation concerns, turn to Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. with over 74 years of experience. SBI is always there for you!

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