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Sex Abuse Lawsuit Dropped Against TV Executive Garth Ancier

July 1, 2014 Private Investigations

SBI’s owners, Steve Polak & Randy Petee, were the investigative team hired by the law firm Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell, LLC who represented Ancier.

Reuters – Los Angeles – June 26, 2014

On Wednesday in a Hawaii court, Michael Egan, 31, filed a voluntary dismissal of the high-profile civil lawsuit against Garth Ancier, which was brought in April. Ancier, who has worked at Fox and NBC, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in May.

Egan has also sued “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and entertainment firm executive Gary Goddard, accusing them of sexually abusing him as a teenager in the late 1990s.

“We are pleased the case filed in Hawaii against Mr. Ancier has been dropped given it had no merit whatsoever,”Ancier’s attorney, Louise Ann Fernandez of Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell LLP said in a statement.

“Mr. Ancier was undeserving of the stain to his reputation caused by the plaintiff’s reckless complaint, which was grounded in lies,” Fernandez continued. “We are equally confident that just as this case imploded when the facts became known, any further legal maneuvers or gimmicks will fail because unsupported statements, falsehoods and character smears have no place in any court.”

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