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Smith & Wesson Model 36, .38 Special (chief’s Special)

June 14, 2019 News

This is an original graphite pencil drawing by retired Department of Justice Agent Abel Reynoso. During the early 1980’s, as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, I had the pleasure of working in the narcotics bureau with Abel Reynoso. Abel’s a talented artist and an outstanding cop. And, like Abel, I still have my Model 36 that I purchased in 1972 and carried as a backup for 21 years. Steve Polak – Co-Owner Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc.

“Immediately after Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 36 in 1950, this iconic little two-inch revolver became one of the most popular police handguns in the world. I, like many cops of my generation, carried one for years as a back up to my duty weapon. But also, since its popularity with the Detectives was legendary, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to artistically connect it to the 1975 classic follow up movie “The French Connection Two”. No one can forget the incomparable actor Gene Hackman, playing the main role of NYPD Detective “Popeye Doyle”. Especially when, on the final scene, after a long chase, while gasping for air, takes two shots with this little revolver striking its intended target, on a moving boat several yards away. Abel Reynoso – Police & Military Art”

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