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Social Security Number Trace

March 3, 2015 Social Security

The Social Security Number (SSN) trace is a fundamental tool and the cornerstone of background checks and the first line of defense against applicant fraud. Essential to an inclusive background check is to validate the identity of applicants and ensuring that they are who they claim to be.

The data returned on a SSN trace consist of all of the person’s names, including aliases and variations, dates of birth and the address history associated with that SSN. The information also shows if the Social Security Number is valid, the state and year of issuance.

The primary information source for the Social Security Number Trace is a Credit Reporting Agency. A SSN trace makes use of “credit header” information which is the non-confidential top portion of an individual’s credit history. When an individual fills out a credit application, their name, address, SSN and employer are stored in a separate database for later retrieval. The SSN Trace will reveal all names and addresses in the file associated with a specific Social Security Number.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the SSN Trace.

What does it mean when no record is found?

Typically it will mean that the individual has very little or no credit history, the individual may be a recent immigrant to the country or fraud is being committed by the applicant.

How Long Does a Social Security Number Trace Take?

A Social Security Number Trace is usually available within twenty-four hours (or one business day) once the order is entered into our online tracking system.

Why is a Social Security Number trace so important?

The SSN is also used to verify an applicant’s identity or to spot inaccuracies that may indicate fraud or identity theft.

Do you run a credit report on the individual?

No credit report is run. As consumers and employers are sometimes confused, this bears repeating: credit header information is not the equivalent of a credit report and does not involve credit scores.

What Does a Social Security Trace Not Do?

Employers should understand that the social trace does not verify or confirm the validity of a social security number issued from the Social Security Administration. Nor is the social trace a comprehensive identification tool. If our investigation reveals that the applicant’s SSN produces identifying information that does not match that of the applicant or that does not produce any results at all, the employer needs to pursue further verification. Ultimately, it’s the employer’s responsibility to verify the applicant’s/employee’s identity through the U.S. Government’s I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification.)

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