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Tribute to Officer Keith Boyer

February 22, 2017 News

wo Whittier police officers, Keith Boyer and Patrick Hazel were gunned down on February 20, 2017. The suspect, who engaged them in a gun battle using a semi-automatic handgun, is a documented street gang member who was recently paroled. In the melee the suspect was also shot, but sadly, will recover. Officer Boyer, a 27-year veteran succumbed from his injuries and Office Hazel will recover from his gunshot wounds.

Two officers, just doing their job on a quiet morning, encountered the worst society had to offer with Officer Boyer paying the ultimate price. Two new heroes were made this very sad day on the streets of Whittier. We, as former police officers, have been here one to many times. To thank those two courageous officers just isn’t enough, but always remembering their sacrifice and never forgetting their bravery and keeping their memory alive is the tradition we must carry on. Thank you for your service. The team from Sunset Blvd. Investigations.



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