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Undercover Operations: Let Sbi Be Your Eyes & Ears on the Inside

April 11, 2017 News

At times, the only way to find the truth is to pursue it at its source. Getting at the source, however, often require ruses or disguises. Undercover work is a specialized area where Sunset Blvd. Investigations (SBI) excels at and has a high success rate. Covert operations are without a doubt, one of the best forms for internal investigations as it’s not only efficient, but is cost effective as well.

For instance, if you need to discredit a witness, undercover operations are an exceptional evidence gathering tool. It’s a crucial element of investigations that can help to prove or disprove a theory, or a suspicion.

Drawing from decades of investigative experience as retired local and federal law enforcement officers, we’ll analyze the objectives of the undercover operation and determine what specific measures, personnel and tactics that should be considered to bring the investigation to a successful conclusion.

SBI’s investigators come from a diverse set of backgrounds who are able to adapt, improvise and blend into any scenario that should arise while being undercover. Our work product is provided to our clients with a precise and comprehensive report for use in civil litigation, criminal prosecution or for other reasons as requested. SBI’s investigators are problem solvers who bring their own unique flexibility to undercover assignments. We’ve learned through decades of experience that these unique investigations are of particular interest where a business needs to protect its interest, identify criminal activity, or protect itself from harmful litigation.

Our owners/investigators, Steve and Randy have worked deep undercover assignments while working as law enforcement officers. Some of their assignments have included penetrating the inner circles of a major defense equipment manufacturing narcotics ring, infiltrating an outlaw motorcycle gang that had a notorious reputation for crimes of violence, narcotics trafficking and bomb manufacturing and infiltrating an organized crime syndication in Los Angeles.

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Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. provides seasoned and effective private investigation services for clients throughout the United States and Internationally. Our combined 80 years as law enforcement officers coupled with our private investigative experience distinguishes us from all other investigation businesses. If you’re in need of a private investigator, we’re here to assist you in any way we can. 

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