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What to Do In the Event of an Active Shooter

June 5, 2013 News

Countless individuals find themselves in a position that they never would have expected. The reality of the world we live in is that you can find yourself in the path of a shooter while you are at work, the mall or other places that you may have expected to be safe. You cannot always prevent against an unexpected incident, but you can prepare. When faced with this situation the options are to run, hide or fight.

If you are able to get out without having to fight or face the shooter take this option. Don’t worry about your stuff since getting to safety is the main concern. Take others with you if possible and once you are in a clear zone, prevent others from going into a dangerous area. Call 911 immediately if you are able to. If you cannot leave, try to find an area that is hidden and where you can block the entrance to your location. Turn off the lights, silence your phone and remain quiet. If neither of these options are available then you will need to improvise with what is around you and find something that can be used as a weapon.

First responders will arrive on their scene but they will not be there to treat injuries. Their concern will be to take the shooter down and secure the area. Being prepared can help save your life and the lives of others around you. With extensive experience in law enforcement, our Los Angeles private investigators understand the importance of preparation. This is true in private investigations as well and by being prepared we are able to think and act quickly. Find out more about what to do to survive and active shooter by watching this video:


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