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Experienced Personalized Service for Your Private Investigation Needs

When you find yourself in a situation that calls for important information that you need help obtaining, turn to the Los Angeles private investigators at Sunset Blvd. Investigations. Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. is a privately owned and operated, licensed investigative company that offers a wide range of specialized service in the field of private investigation. Using the most innovative strategies and resources available, the professionals at the company are skilled in what it takes to produce effective results for their clients.

At Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. our founders come from diverse backgrounds of experience that contribute to their effectiveness as private investigators. Combining their history into 77 years of experience, over half of their experience was spent as law enforcement officers. During this period, both of them were ranked as detectives at their respective police and sheriff's departments by the end of their time there. Working as detectives on a wide range of criminal investigations equipped them with the tools and knowledge they need to be effective private investigators for their clients today.

Strong Commitment to Client Satisfaction & Confidentiality

Discretionary Professionalism while Preserving the Highest Degree of Ethics, Sensitivity and Integrity

In addition to serving as law enforcement officers, both of our founders are active Los Angeles private investigators, licensed by the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Their law enforcement and private investigation careers have provided a distinct level of expertise in civil and criminal investigations, including witness interviews and suspect interrogations resulting in over one thousand arrests and convictions in every major category. With their extensive and diverse experience, they've assisted attorneys in complex civil cases from inception, through trial and appeals, in both State and Federal Court.

This experience is unmatched in the investigative field and includes the collection, processing and preserving of evidence which is an important skill in the law enforcement and investigation fields. Their backgrounds also include the preparation of detailed investigative reports, preparation and execution of search warrant affidavits, filing of criminal cases with Offices of the District Attorney and United States Attorney, providing deposition testimony, providing testimony in Grand Jury proceeding and the delivery of courtroom testimony in Federal, Superior and Municipal Courts. These are areas that they have worked extensively in and their familiarity in even the smaller details has continued to be an advantage throughout their careers.

July 20, 1949: Steve & Randy observing Mickey Cohen's car outside Sherry's Restaurant at 9039 Sunset Boulevard after a Mob shooting. The arrow points to bullet holes in the window.

One of our team's most valuable traits is that we always respond in a quick and efficient manner to our clients, and it is our founders who ensure the responsiveness of each individual on the team. Our clients are provided access to key personnel, including the founding owners of the company. Every case is handled equally, receiving our full efforts, yet we take different approaches that fit each unique circumstance. Whether you are a trial attorney who needs on-site litigation records, a celebrity or executive requiring protection, or a parent seeking a background investigation of a prospective nanny, we are an elite service that will always be there for you.

Why Choose Sunset Blvd. Investigators?

When you are in need of factual information that does not come from a ten-year-old database, you need Sunset Blvd. Investigations. We provide an in-depth and human-based solution to background investigations. In today's modern age, it is common to obtain results using online databases. An actual, fact-gathering and comprehensive investigation, however, is much more diligent and trustworthy. The services we provide can relate to extremely important matters. We are able to put information into our clients' hands when they need specific details. Many people are unable to gather certain evidence or info on their own but our years of experience doing just that has allowed us to know what steps to take to deliver results.

Contact Us for Private Investigations in Los Angeles

Having a professional involved in a case can not only deliver results but also provide a sense of security. In the situations that our clients come to us with it is important that they can feel at ease and know they have someone with the necessary skills assisting them. The results that we are able to obtain can often allow our clients the chance to move forward in a situation they may be stuck in. Find out more about our services and how they can benefit you. When you are in need of real detective work, contact our Los Angeles investigators today.

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