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Thalia, "Queen of Latin Pop", entrepreneur and actress with her husband, Tommy Mottola, American music executive , have been receiving personal security from Randy Petee (one of the owners of Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc.) for over 15 years. This photo depicts Thalia receiving her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Randy is directly in front of Thalia in the blue suit.

The Los Angeles area is the central hub of media, music and film careers. For this reason, it is home to many notable figures and popular celebrities. While it is exciting see and interact with such important people on a daily basis, many fail to realize the difficulties that come with being a known and followed name. While often meant-well, popularity and fame can obliterate all concepts of privacy and respect concerning personal conflicts and family matters as paparazzi and celebrity journalists have trouble giving these people the space they deserve to live their lives as normal members of society.

Are you a celebrity or executive who needs protection from the public eye? As an iconic figure, you are living under unique circumstances that require the skill of an experienced Los Angeles private investigation team. When it comes to protecting the rights and safety of a celebrity or executive, it is senseless to place this assignment into the hands of an untrained and inexperienced guard. At Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. we understand the paparazzi and the way to protect those who are under the scrutiny of the crowd. We are vigilant when it comes to dealing with paparazzi, obsessive fans and stalkers. We employ only elite protection specialists who are highly skilled and professionally trained.

Situations that typically are not as controversial to most people, such as divorce, harassment, alimony, stalking and asset discovery, can prove to be serious situations for celebrities and executives; these situations demand a high level of attention from a professional. In these types of circumstances, you require a private investigator who specializes in assisting those who may have a higher level of threat posed to them. We understand it is not easy to entrust private and confidential information to just anyone; we are here to prove our credibility. As our staff members are current or former law enforcement officers with decades of experience, we make it effortless for our high-profile clients to pursue normal activities in a carefree manner.

Threat Assessment

At Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. our protection professionals specialize in proactive security tactics designed to assess, detect and neutralize risks before they become threatening situations – either in the private sector or in a work-place environment. Depending on the level of threat assessed at the time, we can provide a security specialist who will either be armed or unarmed, including both males and females who can discreetly and efficiently deploy in any environment. Our strategic ability is to establish a low-key presence coupled with the early identification of potential threats prior to their occurrence. Protection is not about excessive force or using a gun, but rather using proactive and preventive methods.

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