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Category: Private Investigations

Can I Record Phone Conversations?

May 29, 2014 Private Investigations

During the past several years, we’ve received an increasing number of requests from people who ask if they can record a person’s phone conversations. We advise the callers that they must first understand the law if they plan to record telephone calls or in-person conversations (including recording video that captures […]

Steve Polak Was a Private Investigator in a Malpractice Case Where the Jury Awarded $1.7 Million to the Victim

April 15, 2014 News

Steve Polak, founder of Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc., was a private investigator in a malpractice lawsuit that recently resulted in a significant recovery for the plaintiff. Steve Polak was hired by the law firm Bienert, Miller & Katzman, who represented the plaintiff. According to an article run in the Daily Journal, a woman […]

Wi-Fi Hacking Using Pineapple

March 26, 2014 Hacking

As I was sitting in a hotel lobby recently while waiting for a business colleague, I observed something very familiar connected to a man’s laptop commonly known as a Wi-Fi Pineapple. The Wi-Fi Pineapple is a hacking device that allows an attacker to launch a “Man in the Middle” or […]

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